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Fix script

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 : ${KENAIAPIS:=$HOME/src/}
 : ${PROJECT:=nbandroid}
-if [ -z "${PASSWD_FILE} ]; then 
+if [ -z "${PASSWD_FILE}" ]; then 
   echo "Missing PASSWD_FILE environment variable" >/dev/stderr
   exit 1
 pushd ${TEMP}
 mkdir nbandroid-$VERSION
-cp -av $BUILD_DIR/lastStable/archive/build/updates/* nbandroid-$VERSION
+cp -av $BUILD_DIR/archive/build/updates/* nbandroid-$VERSION
 zip -r nbandroid-$ nbandroid-$VERSION
 mv nbandroid-$VERSION updatecenter
-$KENAIAPIS/bin/dlutil -r,${PROJECT} push updatecenter /
-$KENAIAPIS/bin/dlutil -r,${PROJECT} push nbandroid-$ /archives/nbandroid-$
+$KENAIAPIS/bin/dlutil -p "${PASSWD_FILE}" -r,${PROJECT} push updatecenter /
+$KENAIAPIS/bin/dlutil -p "${PASSWD_FILE}" -r,${PROJECT} push nbandroid-$ /archives/
 rm -rf updatecenter
 rm -rf ${TEMP}
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