wiesel / samples / HelloWiesel / CMakeLists.txt

# makefile for the current project

# ensure a correct version of cmake is installed
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)

# compatibility
set(CMAKE_LEGACY_CYGWIN_WIN32 0) # Remove when CMake >= 2.8.4 is required

# set the project name

# in this case, the engine folder is in the same repository,
# so we always know the correct location.
# when the engine location is different on various build environments,
# you may put the definition of WIESEL_DIR into a separate file under 
# config/local, where it is not committed into version control.

# include the main build file of the engine

wiesel_create_executable(HelloWiesel ./src)

# add required libraries
wiesel_module_add_dependency(HelloWiesel wiesel-base)
wiesel_module_add_dependency(HelloWiesel wiesel-core)
wiesel_module_add_dependency(HelloWiesel wiesel-common)
wiesel_module_add_dependency(HelloWiesel wiesel-sdl)

wiesel_target_add_compileflags(HelloWiesel "-DWIESEL_USE_LIBSDL")
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