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wiesel / SetupBuildEnvironmentWindowsCygwin

First of all, you need to download and install either Cygwin or MinGW. The engine should build on both Cygwin and MinGW platforms, but MinGW would be recommended to build standalone windows executables without requirement for any cygwin libraries.

  • Cygwin:
    Visit and download the latest setup.exe to install the cygwin system, including the following packages
    • gcc4-core
    • gcc4-g++
    • gdb
    • cmake
    • libstdc++6
    • libstdc++6-devel
    • libxml2-devel
  • MinGW
    Take a look to to see how to install MinGW on your system.
    Make sure, you have added your MinGW bin/ path to your PATH variable. After this you can use mingw-get install to install some required packages:
    • mingw32-gcc
    • mingw32-gcc-g++
    • mingw32-gdb
    • mingw32-make
    • msys-libxml2
  • CMake
    Download and install cmake from

After installing the build system of your choice, you will need some additional libraries, which are not included in Cygwin or MinGW:

To make it a bit easier to get all the required files, you may just download and extract it somewhere on your hard disk.

To tell the build-scripts, where to find the additional libraries, enter your project root directory, create a new file config/local/ with the following content:

set(MSYS_PATH		D:/Programme/MinGW/msys/1.0)
set(EXTRALIBS_PATH	D:/Projekte/GameDev/wieselflink/extra/extra-libraries/windows-i686)



Now you can continue with the steps in ProjectSetup.