This is a program which calculates the zeroth lattice cohomology of a
singularity and the root, as well as the rank of the minimal path cohomology.
It uses Tamás' reduction theorem to reduce to a smaller dimensional case. After
that, it's a simple width first search algorithm to locate components.


To run the program, download the zip file found on the project's homepage and
extract it to a local directory. In the directory simply run the command make,
which produces the executable. This amounts to the following commands being run
in the directory containing the .zip file

cd baldursigurds-lattice-NUMBER

where NUMBER is the number in the title of the file. To try out the program, in
the same directory, run e.g.

./lattice data1

The files data1, data2 and data3 provide the necessary data for one topological
type each. The program can also be run without arguments for manual input. For
further information on how to enter and run data, consult the manual, which
can be found in the man directory, as well as online

Baldur Sigurðsson
baldur at renyi dot hu