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 EXT_INC = ./inc
 EXT_LIB = ./lib
-CC = g++ 
+CC = g++
 STRIP = strip
 ifeq ($(OS), Linux)
 LDFLAGS = -shared -lstdc++
 CFLAGS += -D__unix__
 ifeq ($(OS), MACOSX)
-LDFLAGS = -dynamiclib -lstdc++ -undefined dynamic_lookup
+LDFLAGS = -dynamiclib -lstdc++ -undefined dynamic_lookup -install_name @executable_path/../lib/glide3x.dylib
 CFLAGS += -D__unix__ -Dmacintosh
 ifeq ($(OS), WINDOWS)
-LD = g++
+LD = g++ #/usr/local/bin/clang++
 LDFLAGS2 = --out-implib=libglide3x.a
 LDLIBS = -L"." -L"lib" `sdl-config --libs`


 EXT_INC = ./inc
 EXT_LIB = ./lib
+#EXT_LIB = ../Glitch64
 CC = g++ 
 STRIP = strip
 LDLIBS = -L"." -L"lib"
 ifeq ($(OS), Linux)
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