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         rdp.pc[rdp.pc_i] = (a+8) & BMASK;
-        perf_cur = wxDateTime::UNow();
+            QueryPerformanceCounter ((LARGE_INTEGER*)&perf_cur);
         // Process this instruction
         gfx_instruction[settings.ucode][rdp.cmd0>>24] ();
-        perf_next = wxDateTime::UNow();
-        sprintf (out_buf, "perf %08lx: %016I64d\n", a-8, (perf_next-perf_cur).Format(_T("%l")).mb_str());
-        rdp_log << out_buf;
+            QueryPerformanceCounter ((LARGE_INTEGER*)&perf_next);
+            __int64 t = perf_next-perf_cur;
+            sprintf (out_buf, "perf %08lx: %016I64d\n", a-8, t);
+            rdp_log << out_buf;
       } while (!rdp.halt);
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