Yuri Bochkarev committed 6f94dd6

[+] updated features.txt: planned option, behaviour and one new image hosting site

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     [_] simplify login handlers
 [_] architecture
+    [_] learn all engines to extract both direct link and link to page
     [-] consider PasteHandler monad stack returning Maybe link as
         a computation result instead of modifying PasteContext
     [+] engine may return error (e.g. when trying to paste zip file to fastpic)
     [+] logging
         [+] add Log module with msgDebug, msgInfo functions
     [_] learn oauth authorization principles
+    [_] add oauth support
 [_] engines
+    [_] add
     [+] add
     [_] add
     [_] add
         3. $HOME/imp/imp.conf
         4. $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/imp/imp.conf
     [+] read from JSON file
+    [_] add option to choose which link to show: direct or link to page
 [+] engine priority
     [+] add default internal engine order