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Hello Alban,

in BlueBlrick 1.7.0, you provide part 4707.7.gif However, that part is not a train part, but instead a Technic part. I know of no train set using it. It only was contained in a special DACTA set for teachers. I suggest removing it from BlueBrick.


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  1. Alban Nanty repo owner
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    Yes this is true, this part is not a train part (and maybe a rare part). But someone may have this part and may use it to control one track element, such as for example an engine shed or any kind of motor that make rotate a decor element.

    This part was created by the same author as the other 12V remote control. Why not just leaving it. Why do you want to remove it? I don't think this is totally unappropriated in BlueBrick such as a 2x4 brick for example.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm fine with that. The author of that part was me, Steffen, the same guy who modeled the other remote controls :-) So you can close the issue.

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