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Issue #37 resolved

export to LDRAW format

created an issue

when saving to LDRAW format, you get a message box telling you that not all information will be preserved when doing so.

this messagebox is interesting the first few times you see it, but after some times, it starts to be just annoying.

I suggest that a checkbox is added to it "do not show this warning again", and that in the tool options, the same checkbox should be "suppress LDRAW save-as warning". That way, a user can turn on the warning again if he really, really, really wants it back.

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  1. Alban Nanty repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Currently, you only get the message when you do a "save as", and you don't get it when you do just a "save". But I agree, it would be a nice feature to have a checkbox option to disable it.

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