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js fix

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   var uid = c[0], name = c[1], x = parseInt(c[2]), y = parseInt(c[3]);
   var el = $(uid) || new Element('div', {id: uid, text: name, styles:{left: -50, top: -50}}).inject('container');
   var fx = fxs[uid] || new Fx.Morph(el, {duration: 1000, wait: false});
+  fxs[uid] = fx;
   fx.start({left: x - el.getWidth()/2, top: y - el.getWidth()/2});
   var myFx = new Fx.Morph(me, {duration: 1000, wait: false});
   $('container').addEvent('mousedown', function(e) {
+    e.stop();
       left: e.client.x - me.getWidth() / 2,
       top: e.client.y - me.getHeight() / 2
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