== Simple Instructions ==
(If these don't work, look below)

1. Download wireshark source code, either via tarball or source control
2. At least run ./configure on wireshark source (no need to build it)
3. Set WIRESHARK environment variable to your wireshark source dir
   (such that epan/epan.h is a valid #include line)
4. Install Scons if you don't already have it
5. cd src; scons install

== Building on MacOS X ==

The build has been tested on MacOS X 10.7.4 and 10.8.3 with Xcode 4.2. 

If you used brew to install wireshark, you can tell that to the scons builder and it
will try to figure out how to build the plugin for you:

% scons use_brew=1 install

If that doesn't work, or if you installed wireshark some other way, you need to figure
out how to build the plugin using the same sources that were used to build the
wireshark you are using (this might be really hard if you have the
binary download).  Once you have the sources downloaded and properly set up such that
./configure will set all the proper library locations, etc., you can use the standard
instructions above.

== Dependencies / Requirements ==
This plugin should build on any posix-compliant system that looks like Linux or *BSD,
but is unlikely to build on MacOS X unless your environment is somewhat perfect.  This
will hopefully be resolved in the future.  It also does not currently build on windows
but this is not particularly difficult and will also be resolved in a future commit.

While you do not actually *need* a full Wireshark source tarball/checkout, it's the
easiest package to acquire which will provide the proper dependencies.  Realistically
the build process only needs the Wireshark headers, but unfortunately it needs the
config.h header which is only generated after you run configure.

As such, you generally need the following things:
 * A functional C build and link environment
 * Wireshark source code
 * pkg-config
 * glib2 libraries and headers
 * Scons (

Please report any issues with the build process to