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Youtube-dl-fattened is a fork of youtube-dl that adds support for configuration files and makes sure that the resulting file name with literal title does not include any characters that might be illegal in Windows operating systems.


Same usage instructions apply to this as to original youtube-dl with the exception that there is support for configuration files.

Configuration files

Configuration files are files that give default values for command line options so that some useful command line parameters are not needed on every invocation. Parameters in configuration files are same as long names of command line options and sample configuration file could look like this:

literal = true
username = asdf
password = fdsa

This would be equivalent to launching youtube-dl with following command:

python --literal --username=asdf --password=fdsa video_link

By default configuration files are searched from the value of YOUTUBE_DL_CONF environmental variable, ~/.youtube-dl.conf and /etc/youtube-dl.conf.


Latest version of youtube-dl-fattened is 2011.08.04-ft1. It is just one executable Python file that can replace the original youtube-dl: