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Update project file for liblove (without actually building liblove as a lib)

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     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\common\Variant.cpp" />
     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\common\Vector.cpp" />
     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\common\wrap_Data.cpp" />
+    <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\launcher.cpp" />
     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\libraries\Box2D\Collision\b2BroadPhase.cpp" />
     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\libraries\Box2D\Collision\b2CollideCircle.cpp" />
     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\libraries\Box2D\Collision\b2CollideEdge.cpp" />


     <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\modules\graphics\opengl\OpenGL.cpp">
+    <ClCompile Include="..\..\src\launcher.cpp" />
     <ClInclude Include="..\..\src\modules\audio\Audio.h">
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