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semdiff / Downloading_and_Installing

Downloading and Installing

System requirements

  • Java 1.6 or later
  • Eclipse 3.6
  • Linux and Windows - may work on MacOS but was not tested on this platform
  • If you plan to analyze repositories:
    • A minimum of 2 GB RAM
    • HSQLDB (embedded in SemDiff) or PostgreSQL >8.3 - PostgreSQL is recommended for bigger repositories


SemDiff can be easily installed through the Eclipse's update mechanism.

  1. From the Eclipse menu bar, select Help | Install New Software...
  2. Push on the Add... button.
  3. Enter, and click OK
  4. Select the SemDiff category* and the two features (SemDiff and Partial Program Analysis for Java) in the list and click Install...
  5. Push Next.
  6. Accept the terms of the license agreement, and click Finish.
  7. Restart your workspace.

Note: For some reasons, you may have to uncheck the option "Group items by category" to see SemDiff.


SemDiff is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.