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SemDiff is a software repository analysis framework bundled with a recommendation system that suggests how to adapt clients of changed libraries or frameworks.

SemDiff comes as a an Eclipse Feature distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. SemDiff provides powerful tools to analyze CVS and Subversion repositories and it has been used in many research projects on software evolution.

If you find a bug or desire a new feature, please create a new issue. If you have a question, contact the author of SemDiff at bart at cs dot mcgill dot ca.


[July 26th 2010] SemDiff has a new wiki with more documentation! Rejoice!

[July 10th 2010] SemDiff 2.3.1 is out:

  • Supports PPA 1.2.1, which supports Eclipse 3.6
  • SemDiff now supports Eclipse 3.6 and no longer works with Eclipse 3.5 hence the bump in the release number (release 2.3.0 was only available internally).
  • Previous version of SemDiff (Eclipse 3.5) is still available at:

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SemDiff was created by Barthélémy Dagenais for his Master's thesis while he was supervised by Prof. Martin Robillard at the School of Computer Science at McGill University.

The following people contributes or contributed to SemDiff:

  • Luke Bayly
  • David Kawrykow
  • Annie Ying