Sean Cribbs avatar Sean Cribbs committed 6a0a68c

Add pareto int key generators that strictly observe the MaxKey parameter.

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 new({pareto_int_bin, MaxKey}, _Id) ->
     Pareto = pareto(trunc(MaxKey * 0.2), ?PARETO_SHAPE),
     fun() -> <<(Pareto()):32/native>> end;
+new({truncated_pareto_int, MaxKey}, Id) ->
+    Pareto = new({pareto_int, MaxKey}, Id),
+    fun() -> erlang:min(MaxKey, Pareto()) end;
+new({truncated_pareto_int_bin, MaxKey}, Id) ->
+    TPareto = new({truncated_pareto_int, MaxKey}, Id),
+    fun() -> <<(TPareto()):32/native>> end;
 new({function, Module, Function, Args}, Id) ->
     case code:ensure_loaded(Module) of
         {module, Module} ->
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