mochiweb / src / mochiweb_sup.erl

The default branch has multiple heads

%% @author Bob Ippolito <>
%% @copyright 2007 Mochi Media, Inc.

%% @doc Supervisor for the mochiweb application.



%% External exports
-export([start_link/0, upgrade/0]).

%% supervisor callbacks

%% @spec start_link() -> ServerRet
%% @doc API for starting the supervisor.
start_link() ->
    supervisor:start_link({local, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, []).

%% @spec upgrade() -> ok
%% @doc Add processes if necessary.
upgrade() ->
    {ok, {_, Specs}} = init([]),
    [supervisor:start_child(?MODULE, Spec) || Spec <- Specs],

%% @spec init([]) -> SupervisorTree
%% @doc supervisor callback, ensures yaws is in embedded mode and then
%%      returns the supervisor tree.
init([]) ->
    Processes = [],
    {ok, {{one_for_one, 10, 10}, Processes}}.

%% Tests
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