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rebar / Building



To build rebar you will need a working installation of Erlang R13B03 (or later).

Should you want to clone the Basho rebar repository, you will also require the Mercurial client (version 1.4 or later). Mercurial source and binary packages can be found here:


Download either the tip or RELEASE-1 source package from the Downloads page.

Here, we use wget to download the tip:

$ wget

Building rebar

$ tar -xvf tip.tar.bz2
$ cd rebar/
$ ./bootstrap 
Recompile: src/getopt
Recompile: src/rebar_utils
==> rebar (compile)
Congratulations! You now have a self-contained script called "rebar" in
your current working directory. Place this script anywhere in your path
and you can use rebar to build OTP-compliant apps.

As the console listing indicates, you now have a rebar escript which you can now copy to your project directory, and get rebarized!