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roll version to 0.9.1

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 % -*- mode: erlang -*-
 {application, riak,
  [{description, "riak"},
-  {vsn, "0.9"},
+  {vsn, "0.9.1"},
   {modules, [


 {sys, [
        {lib_dirs, ["../apps"]},
-       {rel, "riak", "0.9",
+       {rel, "riak", "0.9.1",


+Riak 0.9.1 Release Notes
+Riak 0.9.1 addresses a few minor issues:
+ - raw_link_walker_resource no longer returns errors when linked
+   objects are missing (the missing objects are just not included in
+   the response) []
+ - if multiple map/reduce phases specify "keep":true, the results from
+   each phase are grouped into their own list; streameing responses
+   with multiple "keep":true phases include a "phase":<integer index>
+   field []
+ - the bucket name and key can now be extracted from objects in the
+   Python and PHP clients
+ - links to binary downloads in were updated
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