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 h2. Dependencies
-@riak-client@ requires ActiveSupport 2.3.5 or later, but the version 3 is recommended. I highly recommend the "curb": gem for better HTTP client performance.
+@riak-client@ requires i18n and either json or yajl-ruby. For higher performance on HTTP requests, install the 'curb' or 'excon' gems. The cache store implementation requires ActiveSupport 3 or later.
 @ripple@ requires Ruby 1.8.7 or later and versions 3 or above of ActiveModel and ActiveSupport (and their dependencies, including i18n).
 # Create a client interface
 client =
+# Create a client interface that uses Excon
+client = => :Excon)
 # Retrieve a bucket
 bucket = client.bucket("doc")  # a Riak::Bucket