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rzezeski  committed 3f87c11

Implement handle_exit

Since 14.0 Riak Core has added an "optional" handle_exit callback for
vnodes to implement when they want to handle EXIT signals from
processes linked to the vnode container. However, it doesn't special
case a normal exit and therefore the search vnode has to implement
this callback to handle that case.

The handle_exit callback simply ignores any exit signals by returning
noreply, this is consistent with it's behavior in 0.14.0.

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File apps/riak_search/src/riak_search_vnode.erl

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 -export([start_vnode/1, init/1, handle_command/3,
          handle_handoff_command/3, handle_handoff_data/2,
          handoff_starting/2, handoff_cancelled/1, handoff_finished/2,
-         is_empty/1, delete/1, terminate/2, encode_handoff_item/2]).
+         is_empty/1, delete/1, terminate/2, encode_handoff_item/2,
+         handle_exit/3]).
     ok = BMod:drop(BState),
     {ok, VState}.
+handle_exit(_Pid, _Reason, _State) ->
+    {noreply, _State}.
 terminate(_Reason, #vstate{bmod=BMod, bstate=BState}) ->