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AZ 307: SSL encryption of riak_core handoff traffic

Config & reltool changes require to support riak_core/az307-handoff-ssl.

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               %% riak_handoff_port is the TCP port that Riak uses for
               %% intra-cluster data handoff.
-              {handoff_port, {{handoff_port}} }
+              {handoff_port, {{handoff_port}} },
+              %% To encrypt riak_core intra-cluster data handoff traffic,
+              %% uncomment the following line and edit its path to an
+              %% appropriate certfile and keyfile.  (This example uses a
+              %% single file with both items concatenated together.)
+              %{handoff_ssl_options, [{certfile, "/tmp/erlserver.pem"}]}
  % Riak KV config


+         public_key,
+         ssl,
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