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     {"final", 1, skein_final},
     {"hash", 2, skein_hash}
 ERL_NIF_INIT(skerl, nif_funcs, load, NULL, NULL, NULL);
 static char *hash_return_strings[] = {"success", "fail", "bad_hashlen"};
 int load(ErlNifEnv* env, void ** priv_data, ERL_NIF_TERM load_info)
   ERL_NIF_TERM hash_state_term;
     int bits = 0;
     if(!enif_get_int(env, argv[0], &bits))
-		return enif_make_badarg(env);
+        return enif_make_badarg(env);
     hashState *state = (hashState*) enif_alloc_resource(env, skein_hashstate, sizeof(hashState));
     HashReturn r = Init(state, bits);
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