Cupid is a debugging shim for Love2d.


  • Developer console, displays print messages and executes lua.
  • Game error detection and recovery.
  • Can render a physics debug layer.
  • Reload game sourcecode on the fly automaticly.


  • Copy the cupid.lua file to your project directory.
  • Create a conf.lua file if you don't already have one.
  • Add require("cupid") to the top of your conf.lua.


While your game is running, press tilde ( ~ ) to activate the console. Print commands will show here. Type reload to reload your game.

Automatic Reloading

By default cupid will monitor all .lua files in the project directory, scanning it every so often. It's somewhat more efficient to turn this off and use UP commands. The remote module listens for console commands on UDP port 10137.

This command works well:

watchmedo-2.7 shell-command --command='echo reload | nc -u localhost 10173' .


Same as Love2D.