Parchment allows rapid scripting of mine craft based on a TCL like scripting language.

Getting Started

  • Throw the JAR file in your plugins folder.
  • Create a Parchment folder in your plugins older.
  • Create a spells folder inside the Parchment folder.
  • Throw the below archer.tcl file in the spells folder
  • Be an op, type /cast archer
  • TCL scripts should be sourced as they are changed without reloading.
  • Ignore all the crazy debuging messages.

How do I get set up?

  • Summary of set up
  • Configuration
  • Dependencies
  • Database configuration
  • How to run tests
  • Deployment instructions

Quick Examples


# archer.tcl
# Turn the caster into the archer class.
# Type `/cast archer` to activate

bind cast onCast

proc onCast {} {
    set who $caster 
    player $who clear 

    set bow [item new]
    item $bow type bow
    item $bow enchant "Punch 2"
    item $bow name "Power Bow"
    item $bow lore "This great bow\nWill Rock your socks."
    item $bow forceInv $who 0
    item $bow bind powerbow

    set plate [item new]
    item $plate type diamond_chestplate
    item $plate equip $who

    set helmet [item new] 
    item $helmet type diamond_helmet
    item $helmet equip $who

        item new type arrow more give $caster


# jump.tcl
# Hold an item in your hand and type /cast item bind jump
# Point toward where you want to go and left click.

bind cast x

proc x {} {
    entity $caster still
    entity $caster teleport 250
    entity $caster still

Differences from TCL

  • If is missing elseif.
  • Index anything! (Arrays, Lists, Dicts)
  • Values are more strongly typed.
  • Not all language constructs are implemented yet. (String is noticeably missing).
  • Some variables are "prototype" like behavior ($caster, $target, $world, $server).
  • Written from scratch by me.
  • More bugs.