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GRATE : GRaph Analysis of TEM Images

Software developed to analyse HRTEM images of thin polymer films

Developed at: Ganapathysubramanian group (ISU) and Chabinyc group (UCSB)

Developed by: Balaji Sesha Sarath Pokuri; Kathryn O'Hara.

GUI development: Jacob Stimes


  • Rapid identification of ordered regions in HRTEM image
  • Modular framework that allows extensions
  • GUI based framework for ease of use


  • For source code: MATLAB® (minimum version: 2015b). All the external libraries that are used by the software are either available through MATLAB® (>= 2015b) or included in the package.

How to download

Source Code: Source code written in MATLAB®. Download from the repository or perform a git clone and run grate_main.m.

How to use it

A sample video is included in the repository, named GRATE_sample_working_3_26_18.mp4.

Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge funding from NSF via NSF-DMREF 1435587 grant "DMREF/Collaborative Research: Controlling Hierarchical Nanostructures in Conjugated Polymers".

Feel free to raise issues and contribute to the Software.


Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

Mechanical Engineering

Iowa State University