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Snah created an issue

Hey Bas!

Don't know how you want to talk. If this is not a good way, tell me how want to do it.

Anyway, I created a new Dropbox account and tested it yesterday and it works. All addon data have been uploaded to Dropbox in a folder I chose the name for. I've run Kodi today too and files in the Dropbox folder has been updated.


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  1. Bas Rieter repo owner

    This is fine for communicating. And great to hear things are OK so far. Did you already try connecting multiple Kodi's?

    I am currently on holiday and can't really verify things with multiple Kodi's. I only have my Kodi on an Android phone and a crappy slow remote desktop to my home server.

    Let me know if you find some issues or see some improvement options.

    As soon as I am home (in about 2 weeks), I will see if I can submit some stuff to the Kodi repo. Perhaps I will already create a Kodi forum topic to see if more people feel like testing.

  2. Snah reporter

    I haven't connected several Kodis, as I don't understand how syncing is done. I read the, but still didn't understand and was afraid of losing everything yesterday night. Yes, you are right - I should do a local backup. :) Will do tomorrow and try the syncing out on some Kodi instances-

    The addon only syncs addon settings, right? No general Kodi settings? Just want to make sure.


    What I'm thinking spontaneously is that maybe it would be good to have a setting for how to handle syncing and a manual sync option?

    When the addon is "finished", maybe something to think about is adding other services, like Google Drive?

    I'm sure there are many who want to test the addon as this is something people are really looking for. But no rush - have a nice vacation first!

  3. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Yes, indeed only syncs the add on settings (the userdata/addon_data folder), not other Kodi settings as those might be very device specific and it makes no sense in sharing those between devices.

    Generally speaking on new devices that were not yet synced before this happens:

    • files present on Dropbox and in the new device will be synced based on modified date. The most recent file is kept.
    • files not present on the new device but only on Dropbox will be downloaded from Dropbox
    • files not present on Dropbox but only on the new device will be uploaded to Dropbox

    But indeed, do make a backup before adding a device to an existing sync group.

  4. Bas Rieter repo owner

    I did some minor updates to the code. Please try the new version.

    I also added the log level as an add-on settings. Please set it to TRACE for now.

  5. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Dunno why it got resolved. I just pushed some more changes in. Uploading of log files and some more settings. Could you give it a spin?

    I also updated the with some more examples.

    Still curious in the outcome of actually syncing devices.

  6. Bas Rieter repo owner

    I did a major update and you can (and should) now select what add-ons to sync from the Kodi Add-on Manager.

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