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Issue #515 closed

TV4 Play do not work anymore?

created an issue

I´m using XBMC Online TV version 3.4.0. The other Swedish channels work, TV4 Play worked fine a few days back but not anymore (not talking about tv4 premium now). Thank you so much for this software, it´s best!!

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  1. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Nope, this is not a debug log file, please follow the instructions in the link I posted, then reproduce the error and then attach the logfile.

  2. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Nope, I am very sorry. Please, go to the XBMC Online TV Add-on settings, select the Advanced Tab and set the log level to Debug. Then use the OK button to exit (otherwise your changes will not be stored). Then restart XBMC Online TV from the beginning and post a logfile. It should have a lot of lines that read Debug instead of Info, Warning or Error.

  3. Tobias Zimmermann

    I also tried to delete all addonfiles after uninstallation and install it again with the same error. Maybe Tv4 have changed something else... or more likely I´m doing something wrong ;)

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