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Flemish TV channel with lots of free content. You need to log in in order to view the content (cf. Vier).


No specific Android app but probably comparable to the VTM app as they're basically the same company.

Thanks for looking into it!

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  1. Bas Rieter repo owner

    I am just looking at this, but this is basically, but with some different URL's. Should be super simple :D. Is it correct that and share the accounts for log in?

  2. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Lol, I actually have it working :D (for Retrospect 4.1.2).

    However, I did have to rename the settings for the username/password as it is now shared between Q2 and VTM. So you will need to re-configure these with one of the 2 channels.

    If you want to test this, download the zip file and extract the .py and .json file and overwrite the existing ones in the\vtmbe\ folder. The DELETE the .pyo and/or .pyc file. Run Retrospect once before opening the add-on settings (you will get a notification regarding Retrospect Initialization). Then set your username/password and try the Q2 channel. I did not yet update graphics, but just see if it works.

  3. Koen Bekaert

    Hi, when watching the livestream, the stream always starts from the beginning of the program ( q2 & vtm) Is there any workaround for this? I would like to watch the champions league and skip the the talk show before the match. Fast forward also does not work. Any idea?

  4. Koen Bekaert

    Hi Bas,

    if i watch using the website Q2/live then the stream starts live (not at the beginning of the program) and i kan skip backwards/forwards using the slider without problems.

  5. Bas Rieter repo owner

    I checked, but for me it is difficult to force this from Python code. And for now, I don't see any way to auto forward, unless somebody can figure out how to modify the M3u8 URLs to start at the current time. I tried to play with the timestamps, but without success.

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