Eén: "No episodes found for the selected item."

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I've been getting this error for a while now. I'm running the latest version of Retrospect with Kodi Jarvis on Raspbian.

If you could please check? Thanks!

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  1. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Please try this version. Please keep in mind that their new structure is almost 'no structure' and it is almost impossible to know where all videos for a show are stored.

  2. lovecrafthp reporter

    Sorry, only now found the time to test it out real quick. It works (thanks!) but at first glance about half of the programs give you the "No episodes found for the selected item" error upon selection. If it should help, I could list which ones don't work?

  3. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Like I said: I can't determine which shows have video items and which shows don't (in other words, their site sucks). So those that don't work, most likely have no video items.

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