VTM.BE starts somewhere in the middle

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OS: Windows 7 Kodi: 16 Channel: VTM.Be - alle afleveringen

Episode loads, then immediately stops. Repressing the episode will then start it. But it starts somewhere in the middle. After a few minutes you can press the right button to send it a few minutes back.

Any way to fix this?

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  1. Maarten

    Could somebody describe the workaround more in detail? Rewind as in go back 10 seconds? Or really press the rewind button and it jumps to the beginning?

  2. telenut

    VRTnu is a complete other company, and that one works great. vtm.be is from Medialaan, so possibly the other Medialaan channels have the same problem. But I do not notice problems with Q2, the other channels don't have a lot of online content and are not available here.

  3. Maarten

    Great Bas! Skipping works and playback now starts from the beginning and the episode length is known! Could you merge this fix together with the new API? Thanks!

  4. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Great to hear! I am not yet happy with the new API, as it results in many shows without videos. So I need to have a closer look at that. But they playback fix I will release today.

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