VRT.nu livestreams down

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Only the radio streams are working;

Windows 10, Kodi 17.4 Watching from Belgium Website is working

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  1. Bas Rieter repo owner

    What I can see so far it seems like something at their end. Urls OK one moment, and 404 the other moment. Let it rest for a day and see how it runs over the weekend.

  2. Eric Baerts

    Live streams are still down here, only MNM and Studio Brussel loading. No issues with Het Journaal or other repeats in VRT.nu as far as I can notice. I notice in some free Android apps that have the Belgian streams VRT related channels are also down.

  3. Pietje666

    Got the same issue with my addon https://github.com/pietje666/plugin.video.vrt.nu/issues/21

    pay attention to dagwierss comment :

    I was told by a VRT spokesperson that in order to stream the FIFA Worldcup in 720p they had to encrypt the stream, which means it can only be played using specific browsers that supported DRM.

    Dan hebben wij goed nieuws voor u: de kwaliteit van onze livestreaming zal verhogen van SD naar HD, dus naar 720p. Maar door de regelgeving van FIFA zullen we dan wel DRM moeten toepassen, dit zal tot gevolg hebben dat bepaalde browsers een foutmelding zullen geven. Hieronder volgt een overzicht van wat er mogelijk fout kan gaan bij bepaalde toestellen en wat de mogelijke oplossingen zijn.

    Apple – iphone/ipad: Google Chromebrowser werkt niet Firefox browser werkt niet Oplossing: Safari browser gebruiken Airplay werkt ook Samsung – smartphones: Samsungbrowser werkt niet Oplossing: Google Chrome browser gebruiken IE 11: VRT laptops werken niet Potentieel andere “bedrijfslaptops” ook niet Normale laptops werken wel. Oplossing: Google Chrome browser gebruiken De browser binnen de Facebook app: Als je VRT NU opent binnen de facebook app werkt het niet. Oplossing: Op Apple: surf via Safari browser naar VRT NU Op Android: surf via Google Chrome browser naar VRT NU Chromecasten naar TV: Chromecast werkt niet met DRM Oplossing: Laptop via HDMI kabel verbinden met de TV of Airplay indien je een apple TV hebt. Platformen die we standaard niet ondersteunen zoals smart TV’s of Kodi plugins: gedrag is onbekend maar zal waarschijnlijk niet werken.

  4. Eric Baerts

    Thanks for pushing the update, got it working now, but I need to change the home screen shortcuts in my build. Any chance of getting Sporza to live again., as i see it's missing from the live streams now. Anyway, your work is much appreciated by the Belgians here at the other side of the world

  5. Eric Baerts

    Peter Notebaert, thanks for your reply. I have been on that page, but for the life of me I can't see where to select download for that particular file. Please have compassion with this poor soul :-)

  6. Eric Baerts

    Thanks Bas, I'm familiar with that location and I downloaded the update from there, and it worked great. But for the future it would be good if I knew how to download an individual file like the vrtnu.py file you added earlier.

  7. Bas Rieter repo owner

    NP, good to hear it works.

    @Eric Baerts: you can always find the file you need via the "source" explorer in bitbucket and then use the 3-dot menu (...) to select "Open Raw". That opens the file in raw mode and you can then save it.

  8. Peter Notebaert

    For sporza, I tried:


    This gives:


    Is this usefull?

  9. Peter Notebaert

    Indeed I also don't see a sporza link (from Belgium). I am not a sport watcher so I don't really know, but maybe it is only there when it bro-adcasts something and that is not all the time for sure.

  10. Eric Baerts

    Bas, the updates work perfect if I go to VRT.nu in the National folder. Though the Kodi home screen shortcuts for the VRT channels, still give the error " the selected item has no streams". Is there an easier way to fix this without manually create new shortcuts? Thanks for pushing updates so fast.

  11. Eric Baerts

    Hi Bas, I realise it's weekend for you as well and i hope you enjoy it, but was there anything useful in the logs I send? I do notice that the website also doesn't allow me to watch live streams lately, since it detects I'm not in Belgium. This wasn't an issue about 2 weeks ago. I still can stream VRT repeats.

  12. Bas Rieter repo owner

    Well, I am not going to spend too much time on the live streams, as the majority is caused by the WC Soccer that is going on. Many had to add additional encryption and geo locking. I am monitoring and discussing with the other VRT add-on and see how he manages to get this to work.

  13. Eric Baerts

    It's working again Bas. Sporza still gives an on screen message " this live stream has finished " but I think Sporza now is only active during live events. I tested the alpha26 when it was released on 21 July, and live streams still wouldn't load, but today they work perfectly again. Thanks.

  14. Eric Baerts

    Correction to my above post. I was actually using Alpha25 and it worked with that version as of today, but not yet a few days after the WC had ended. It of course kept working after i updated to Alpha 26. What was changed in Alpha 26?

  15. Eric Baerts

    I notice when I open the repeats from " het journaal" that they are erroneous sorted. Difficult to explain, but look at the dates in the attached image. I sort by date. Zevende dag and de afspraak have disappeared from the menu. Have these been removed at the VRT side? Het journaal.JPG

  16. Bas Rieter repo owner

    VRT does not provide time stamps or dates. So sorting is done alphabetically only.

    Regarding the missing show. Is it also missing on the site?

  17. Eric Baerts

    The missing show is in the Een section of the addon, so it might be my mistake as it may never have been available in VRT.nu. Apologies for bringing this up. In the side menu of Kodi you can select sort order by date - descending, and in previous versions of the addon the last aired news would be at the top and properly sorted downwards.Now it starts at 30 June and at 25 June it will go to 24 July. Het journaal.JPG

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