SimpleXml is simple dynamic xml parsing.

Install with NuGet: install-package SimpleXml. Or download dll from the Downloads tab.

Read Xml:

var x =
  @"<root attr="attrvalue">

x.root.child == "nodevalue"
x.root.attr == "attrvalue"

Write Xml:

x.root.child = "newnodevalue";
x.root.attr = "newattrvalue";

Load From File:

var stream = File.Open("path\to\file", FileMode.Open);
dynamic x = new SimpleXml(stream);

Save To File:

var stream = File.Open("path\to\file", FileMode.Create);

Ignores Namespaces:

var x =
  @"<root xmlns="" xmlns:t="">

x.root.child == "value"

Special Case For Leaf Nodes With Attributes:

var x =
    <child attr="attrvalue">childvalue</child>

x.root.child.text == "childvalue"
x.root.child.attr == "attrvalue"