Welcome to Project Builder Plus Open Source Page

This is just brief introduction what this application is.

What is this repository for?

This source is for Project Builder Plus as an open source to the project haystack community.

We have videos located here.

Connect with obix to Niagara generate haystack DB and push DB to SkySpark

Generate nHaystack import DB and push to SkySpark.

Use cases of this application can further improve the project haystack usage and tooling within the IoT industry.

Licensing is Academic 3.0. Feel free to clone branch add remove create anything with this code.

If you are using haystack please consider signing up to become a member pay dues, be a sponsor at haystack connect conference.

How do I get set up?

Download compile and run.

Disable licensing for class. ;)

Contribution guidelines

Just use the issue tracker located in bitbucket

Who do I talk to?

Contact us via


Steve Eynon has compiled the haystack pod from open source version and updated some parts of the application and created binary zip version on another repository.

Go ahead download it from there.

Enjoy cheers and peace.