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Difference to PyAWS?

Anonymous created an issue

Wanted to ask if you can write in short what the difference between your library and ??

It is a enhancement of - the author of pyamazon is also asking for a maintainer for his project - perhaps it is possible to merge both.

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  1. Sebastian Rahlf repo owner

    The difference between pyaws and python-amazon-product-api is mostly internal. I was using pyaws at first but in the end wrote something new because I preferred lxml over the pyaws' XML marshalling. Also (in my own very biased opinion) python-amazon-product-api internals are much cleaner. But In the end, it does the same thing. So I suppose it is really a matter of personal preference which package you use.

    That alone should not stand in the way of merging. But pyaws has been around for a long time, and there are at least three places where it is (or was) developed. Plus I think that people would react strongly to any API changes.

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