Issue #43 resolved

AWSError: AWS.ParameterOutOfRange: The value you specified for ItemPage is invalid. Valid values must be between 1 and 10. while iterating over results

Branko Vukelic
created an issue

I have a code like this:

for b in api.item_search('Books', Keywords="astrology", ResponseGroup='Large'):
    print b.__dict__

It returns 10 pages as of this posting. After 10 items have been returned, the exception is thrown.

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  1. Rolf Nelson

    I have the same problem. The page-limit for item searches has been 10 instead of 400 since about 2011. Version 0.2.5 has 400 hard-coded; as a work-around I'm just iterating through the pages with itertools.islice(api.item_search(...), 10) so I don't fall over the page limit.

  2. Rolf Nelson

    Version 0.2.5 has 400 hard-coded

    Although now that I look at the source code, setting b.limit = 10 on the item_search return value might work, so 400 is more 'defaulted' than 'hard-coded'.

    Also, if 'b' means book in the example, the confusion might be that item_search returns pages, and not (as the (outdated?) docs suggest) individual items (like books) in 0.2.5.

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