DeprecationWarning: Please use a config file!

Issue #45 resolved
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We are using the python-amazon-product-api with django. All amazon credentials are saved as django models in a database.

Using config files would be a big drawback in terms of usability and management.

Could you consider to not deprecate this feature?

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  1. Sebastian Rahlf repo owner

    My main goal is to do away with the ever-growing list of parameters needed to be passed to the API.

    I'm leaning towards using a configuration, i.e. somtehing like myapi = API(cfg='/path/to/config.file') rather than API('<access_key_id>', '<secret_access_key>', '<locale>', '<associate_tag>').

    Now this configuration does not have to be a file. I'm really open to discussion.

  2. Jannis Gebauer

    I'm also using the product api in context of a django app. What about sth. like:


    for users with a configfile and:

    api(cfg={"access_key_id": "", ...}) 

    for those that are calling the api dynamically?

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