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  2. python-amazon-product-api


python-amazon-product-api / CHANGES

The default branch has multiple heads

0.2.6 (in development)

- Config files added.
- Added RetryAPI to contrib package thanks to Jerry Ji.

0.2.5 (2011-09-19) "Buttercup"

- Support for XSLT requests.
- Support for Associate tags thanks to Kilian Valkhof.
- New API versions 2010-12-01, 2010-11-01, 2010-10-01, 2010-09-01 and 2010-08-06
- Fixed #16: Cannot install module under Python 2.4 without pycrypto being 
  installed first.
- `tox`_ (and `hudson`_) are now used for testing all supported Python versions
  (which includes Python 2.7 now, too).
- Test server is replaced with `pytest-localserver`_.
- Fixed #18: Throttling no longer block CPU (Thanks to Benoit C).
- Added response-caching API (in ``amazonproduct.contrib.caching``) to ease
  development (Thanks to Dmitry Chaplinsky for the idea).
- API explicitly warns about deprecated operations.

.. important:: The following operations are deprecated since 15 July 2010 and
   are now answered with a '410 Gone' (and a ``DeprecatedOperation`` exception):
   * CustomerContentLookup
   * CustomerContentSearch
   * Help
   * ListLookup
   * ListSearch
   * TagLookup
   * TransactionLookup
   * VehiclePartLookup
   * VehiclePartSearch
   * VehicleSearch

- Added new exceptions InvalidClientTokenId and MissingClientTokenId.
- ``REQUESTS_PER_SECONDS`` can now be floats as well (e.g. 2500/3600.0).
- Added test options options ``--api-version``, ``--locale`` and ``--refetch``.

.. _tox: http://codespeak.net/tox/
.. _hudson: http://jenkins.rotekroete.de/
.. _pytest-localserver: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pytest-localserver/ (2010-06-23)

Bugfix release! High time I get some continuous integration set up!

- Fixed #13: The module did not run under Python 2.4. Ooops!

0.2.4 (2010-06-13)

- Locale parameter is now required at initialisation. ::

      # before you could write
      api = API(AWS_KEY, SECRET_KEY)
      # now you have to specify your locale
      api = API(AWS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, 'de')

- Custom test server (``tests.server.TestServer``) added. It runs on localhost 
  and mimicks the Amazon webservice by replaying local XML files.
- Testing now supports multiple locales. Please not that you have to run 
  ``python setup.py test`` to run the unittests.
- ResultPaginator now also works with XPath expressions for attributes (Bug 
  reported Giacomo Lacava).
- Custom lookup for XML elements (during parsing) ensures that ``<ItemId/>``
  and ``<ASIN>`` are now always ``objectify.StringElement`` (Bug reported by 
  Brian Browning).
- Fixed #11: Module can now be installed library without lxml being installed 
- Regular expressions for parsing error messages can now deal with the Japanese

  .. warning:: The support for the Japanese locale (``jp``) is still very 
     experimental! A few error messages have still to be translated and the
     functionality has to be confirmed. If you know Japanese, get in touch!

0.2.3 (2010-03-20)

- Tests run now for all API versions. Test cases can now be told which versions
  to use (class attribute ``api_versions`` set to i.e. ``['2009-10-01']``).
- A custom AWS response processor can now be defined. For instance, here is one 
  using ``xml.minidom`` instead of ``lxml``::
      def minidom_response_parser(fp):
          root = parse(fp)
          # parse errors
          for error in root.getElementsByTagName('Error'):
              code = error.getElementsByTagName('Code')[0].firstChild.nodeValue
              msg = error.getElementsByTagName('Message')[0].firstChild.nodeValue
                  raise AWSError(code, msg)
              return root
          api = API(AWS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, processor=minidom_response_parser)
          root = api.item_lookup('0718155157')
          print root.toprettyxml()
          # ...
- Fixed #3: Support for API Version 2009-11-01.
- Fixed #4: When using a bad parameter combination, an 
  ``InvalidParameterCombination`` exception is raised. 
- Fixed #5: ``InvalidSearchIndex`` is raised when unknown ``SearchIndex`` is 
- Fixed #7: Specifying API versions works now for more than just one test per 
  test case.
- The ``setup.py`` command has been empowered a bit with the following 
  additional options: ``test``, ``build_sphinx``, ``upload_sphinx``.
- ``ResultPaginator`` attributes ``_get_current_page_numer``, 
  ``_get_total_results`` and ``_get_total_page_numer`` are now private.

0.2.2 (2010-01-30)

- ``browse_node_lookup`` operation added.	
- ``help`` operation added.	
- ``list_lookup`` and ``list_search`` operations added.
- Default timeout for API calls is set to 5 sec.
- Test cases for correct parsing of XML responses added. Local XML files are
  used for testing (if available) stored in separate directories 
  according to API version. These can be overwritten when config value
  ``OVERWRITE_TESTS`` is set to ``True``.
- ``InvalidItemId`` exception is replaced by more general 
  ``InvalidParameterValue`` exception.	

0.2.1 (2009-11-20)

- Support for Python 2.4 added. 
- Fixed #2: ResultPaginator now returns ``None`` if the XPath expression doesn't 
  find the node it's looking for.

0.2.0 (2009-11-07) "Westley"

This is the first `public` release. We're now available via the Cheeseshop!

- The module is no longer a package. Please use ``import amazonproduct`` 
  (instead of ``import amazon.product``) now.
- SimilarityLookup is now supported.
- Updated to support version 2009-10-01.
- Documentation added (made with http://sphinx.pocoo.org).
- New artwork.

0.1 (2009-09-30) "Fezzik"

Initial release.