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This is a python wrapper around the Amazon Product Advertising API. It offers a light-weight access to the latest version of the Amazon Product Advertising API without getting in your way.


from amazonproduct import API

api = API(locale='de')
for product in api.item_search('Books', Publisher='Galileo Press'):
    print product

All its content can be accessed using the lxml.objectify API.


More functionality is to follow as development progresses. Have a look at the preliminary ReleasePlan.


Have a look at the examples directory and the documentation for more. You can also try the mailing list:


Contributions are always welcome. You can do this by filing bug reports or sending me patches. If you do the latter, please make sure that all the tests run successfully.

What now?

If you have any ideas or suggestions or want to help, drop me a line.

basti AT redtoad DOT de.