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Some instructions on how to contribute.

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 This is a python wrapper around the //Amazon Product Advertising API//. 
 It offers a light-weight access to the latest version of the Amazon 
-Product Advertising API without getting in your way. All requests are signed
-as required since August 15, 2009.
+Product Advertising API without getting in your way.
 == Status ==
 This module is still undergoing development. The support for the Amazon Product
 API is currently limited to a number of operations. 
 Supported so far are:
 * SimilarityLookup
 * ListLookup
 * ListSearch
-* Help
 * BrowseNodeLookup
 More functionality is to follow as development progresses. Have a look at the preliminary [[ReleasePlan]].
 == Requirements ==
 The only requirement is [[|python-lxml]] >=2.1.5. However, people can use their own.
 == Example ==
 from amazonproduct import API
 All its content can be accessed using the [[|lxml.objectify]] API.
 == Help ==
 Have a look at the [[|examples]] directory and the [[|documentation]] for more.
 You can also try the mailing list:
+== Contributing ==
+Contributions are always welcome. You can do this by filing [[bug reports|]] or sending me patches. If you do the latter, please make sure that [[RunningTheTests|all the tests run successfully]].
 == What now? ==
 If you have any ideas or suggestions or want to help, drop me a line.
-//basti AT redtoad DOT de//.
+//basti AT redtoad DOT de//.


+= Running the Tests =
+There are a number of tests setup to check for inter-version and inter-locale consistencies. 
+The simplest way of running them is to run
+python test
+in the root directory.
+== Adding new tests ==
+When adding new tests, you may need to pass your credentials to the API. Simply add a file {{{}}} with the following content
+AWS_KEY = '...'
+SECRET_KEY = '...'
+and make sure it can be imported by the test suite.
+Your credentials *will not be stored in any files*!