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 = python-amazon-product-api =
 This is a python wrapper around the //Amazon Product Advertising API//. 
+It offers a light-weight access to the latest version of the Amazon 
+Product Advertising API without getting in your way. All requests are signed
+as required since August 15, 2009.
-Although there are a bunch of python modules around (e.g. [[|pyaws]]), they are either far too complex or were not supporting the latest API (2009-10-01). Since August 15, 2009 all calls to the Product Advertising API must be authenticated using request signatures. I couldn't find a library that supported this.
-== Features ==
-The support for this API is currently limited to
- * ItemLookup
- * ItemSearch
+== Status ==
+This module is still undergoing development. The support for the Amazon Product
+API is currently limited to a number of operations. 
+Supported so far are:
+* ItemLookup
+* ItemSearch
+* SimilarityLookup
+* ListLookup
+* ListSearch
 More functionality is to follow as development progresses. Have a look at the preliminary [[ReleasePlan]].