A 2D game where you fly in a spaceship, get crystal to power your ship
and avoid asteroids and mines. It was made in two days for a game jam.

.. image::


* Python 2.x. Python 3.x will *not* work.
* pysfml2-cython:
  (The current source code should be used with the latest pySFML version
  from the Git version.)


Press Alt + F4 or commit suicide to exit in fullscreen. The game is
kind of buggy in windowed mode, but it's supposed to be played in
fullscreen mode.


You can edit some settings in You can easily tweak more
stuff in the source code (changes will apply automatically the next
time you start the game). For example, if you want more stars, you can
change the value for STARS_PER_SECOND in


All the graphics come from this pack by Daniel Cook:
It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

The font comes from Linux Libertine:
You can read the license in data/fonts/libertine/OFL.txt.