Media hider for Android

A common reason for Android users to switch from the default media readers is that they scan all the media files on the SD card. It is possible to designate which files must not be scanned; however the process is tedious, and not well-known. This program allows you to browse your SD card, and select which directories shouldn't get scanned simply by ticking them. You can also view the list of all the directories that Android recognizes as audio/images/video directories, and disable them as needed.

(It simply works by dropping a file named .nomedia in the directory. Note that Windows' graphical interface doesn't allow users to use filenames with a leading dot.)


Currently, this program isn't available on Google Play. Instead, you can use the .apk file that I provide in the download section. (You may need to enable installation from unknown sources in your phone's applications settings.) I use the free version of the Astro file manager to install programs from APKs. I have no idea how to install them without using an additional program.

Building the program

You will probably need to set the location of the SDK. One way to do that is to create a file with something like this:


You can then simply run ant debug in the project's root directory. Obviously, you need to install ant first.