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Build available? or at least instructions

Pete Mueller
created an issue

Is there a complete build of this available? I tried to checkout source and build, but after 2 days and 200MB of maven downloads I still cannot get this project to build. Part of the issue may be the generally confusing nature, and lack of docs on how to build a plugin. So if no build is available, then maybe some instructions would be great.

Here's a list of things I've run across:

  1. Does this work with maven3? Seems the answer is not out of the box, the poms do not correctly reference repos, also Maven3 has issues with repo URLs that return 302 redirects, and as such the Atlassian public repo doesn't work right.

  2. Is the Atlassian Plugin SDK required to build this? The plugin SDK seems to just wants you to use it as the sole repo. That's a bit of a problem for us with corporate repos.

  3. Does this build with Java 6/7? Seems like not optimally, since the atlassian artifacts still have a dependency on the javax.activation framework which isn't a separate JAR anymore.

I realize that these issues are more general issues with the Plugin system, but I'd really like to get this works, so I'm hoping someone that has gotten this to work could write up some quick steps.

Comments (7)

  1. Brad Baker repo owner

    1 - I dont think this works with Maven 3. The Atlassian SDK is not Maven3 ready


    1. Technically Atlassian SDK is not needed by its best if you do. It allows easier running and debugging.

    2. It was built on JDK 6. Tha javax.activation deps is transitive from JIRA itself and its not used by this plugin.

    I will put up a new build on Marketplace.

  2. Mike Simpson

    Seconding the request (and also the admission of greed) -- you just made my entire team's day with the JIRA plugin -- would it be possible to get a build of the Confluence plugin as well?

  3. Brad Baker repo owner

    Its possible to build a Confluence plugin but its not trivial.

    This work came out of a fedex and is not a major priority for me unfortunately.

    So I think this needs a 3rd party to fork it and work on it open source like for example.

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