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JIRA 6 support?

Anonymous created an issue

In JIRA 6.0.1, we found that the Markdown plugin broke the javascript that loaded an individual issue. So from any of the Issue Navigator or Search screens, clicking on an issue would result in the loading spinner graphic, and it would never load. But opening the issue in a new browser tab or window would load it right away. It looked like the ajax request being made from that click completed successfully, it just got hung up somewhere on the next step.

So, unfortunately, we had to disable the markdown plugin. Any chance someone could take a look and update it to work with version 6?

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  1. Ian Clarke

    Seems like no progress on this for quite a long time, which is surprising because the default "Wiki Style Renderer" is pretty awful, Markdown should be the default for new accounts.

  2. frossie

    I'm starting to think Atlassian is deliberately hostile to Markdown as a form of product lock-in, since most competitors support it. For my part it just makes it more likely for me to start a project on github, even though I have access to both.

  3. Jesse Barocio

    It would be nice to see Markdown as the default renderer in Jira. Has anyone had any luck with chin G's pull request?

    frossie I seriously doubt Atlassian is "hostile" to Markdown. In case you didn't notice Markdown is used all over bitbucket. Even the editor you typed your comment into was a Markdown editor.

  4. Adam Plumb

    FYI Chin G's fix does get this plugin working in Jira 6. I had a heck of a time rebuilding the jar file from source, though, so what I ended up doing was unzipping the published v1.3 plugin jar, editing the init-markdown-min.js, replacing the file in the jar, then uploading that to Jira. You may have some issues with cached files, so just empty your browser cache and that should do it. You may need to restart your jira instance too.

  5. Christian Käser

    David Moreau I'm using a highly customized version right now (our requirements changed quite a bit) so I can't say much. But apart from some very rare occurances of the issue content not rendering I haven't had any noticable problems.

    (I hope I'll be able to share my version soon. Right now I have some minor stuff missing such as support for attachments with whitespace in their name)

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