Cannot user operator "+" between property and string

Issue #3 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Not sure if this is the right project to report bugs about:

But if so, there's a bug in Dozer.tick() where there's an statement like:

typename = objtype.__module__ + "." + objtype.__name__

Which doesn't work if, e.g. objtype.__module__ is a property and not a string. One easy solution is to replace that statement with:

typename = "%s.%s" % (objtype.__module__, objtype.__name__)

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  1. Marius Gedminas

    Fixed in tip, fix will be out in 0.3.2.

    The fix is partial: Dozer shouldn't crash, but it will probably not work correctly with objects of a class that uses a property for its __module__ (due to missing HTML-quoting for type names that look like '<property object at 0x...>').

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