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Mike Orr  committed 272194b

Re-add Atom1 'published' property (based on changeset 1f234b039b58).

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 * webhelpers.feedgenerator:
   - Sync with Django rev 11910. This adds GeoRSS and makes the API more
     extensible, as well as fixing a few bugs.
-    It loses the 'published', 'generator', and 'source' properties which were
-    added locally. However, the 'generator' and 'source' patch was buggy
-    anyway.
+    (Re-added the Atom1 'published' property.)
+    (The 'generator' and 'source' properties were lost, but they weren't
+    working correctly anyway.)
 * webhelpers.html:
   - New ``HTML.cdata()`` method for producing "<!![CDATA[ ... ]]>" sections.
   - The basic tag builders (``HTML.a()`` and ``HTML.tag("a")``) now have a

File webhelpers/feedgenerator.py

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         handler.addQuickElement(u"link", u"", {u"href": item['link'], u"rel": u"alternate"})
         if item['pubdate'] is not None:
             handler.addQuickElement(u"updated", rfc3339_date(item['pubdate']).decode('utf-8'))
+            handler.addQuickElement(u"published", rfc3339_date(item['pubdate']).decode('utf-8'))
         # Author information.
         if item['author_name'] is not None: