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   html.tags - HTML tags (rails replacement). - larger HTML chunks (rails replacement).
   mail - sending email.
+  misc -  helpers that are neither text, numeric, container, nor date.
+  number - numeric helpers and number formatters.
   paginate - successor to deprecated pagination module.
   text - non-HTML text formatting (rails replacement).
 * Removed dependency on simplejson and normalized quotes. Patch by Elisha 
     Country codes, states and provinces.
+    High-level container objects and dict/list helpers.
     Date/time helpers.  These currently format strings based on dates.
     ````.  (If you use this library directly, you
     may have to wrap the results in ``literal()`` to prevent double escaping.)
+    Miscellaneous helpers that are neither text, numeric, container, or date.
+    Numeric helpers and number formatters.
     A tool for letting you view a large sequence a screenful at a time,
     with previous/next links.