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   - New functions ``format_data_size``, ``format_byte_size``, and
     ``format_bit_size`` for displaying numbers in SI units
-    ("1.2 kilobytes", "1.2 kB", "1.0 KiB").
+    ("1.2 kilobytes", "1.2 kB", "1.0 KiB"). Contributed by
+    Wojciech Malinowski.
 1.0b5 (2010-03-18)


     >>> format_data_size(85000, "m/h", 0).replace("km/h", "clicks")
     '85 clicks'
+    # Contributed by Wojciech Malinowski
     if full_name is None:
         full_name = len(unit) > 1
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