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Bugfix in format_data_size if size <=0, found by Marcin Kuzminski.

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  - New ``format_exception`` helper to display an exception as Python would but
    without the traceback.
+* webhelpers.number:
+  - Bugfix in format_data_size and derivatives if size <= 0. Found by
+    Marcin Kuzminski.
 1.0b7 (2010-05-16)


             multiples = ('', 'Ki', 'Mi', 'Gi', 'Ti', 'Pi', 'Ei', 'Zi', 'Yi')
-    m = int(math.log(size) / math.log(base))
+    if size <= 0:
+        m = 0
+    else:
+        m = int(math.log(size) / math.log(base))
     if m > 8:
         m = 8
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